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Damp Proofing


Many homes are affected by damp issues, and if left untreated, can cause extensive property damage and possible health problems.

Below are common types of damp problems & how to identify them.


Rising Damp

Rising Damp can affect many buildings, but is more commonly found in older buildings where the original rising damp treatment (damp proof course) has become damaged and the protection is no longer sufficient or there was no treatment to begin with.

You will see damp patches at low level, such as, along skirting boards. The longer you leave rising damp untreated, the worse it becomes. If left untreated, rising damp will often result in timber decay, and causes heat loss, as the wall insullation has been compromised.

Rising damp can also occur when the external ground levels are higher than that of a property / wall, leading to penetrating damp issues.


Penetrating Damp

Unlike rising damp, which is usually found at low levels, penetrating damp is mainly found above 1m. It can be caused by a number of reasons; faulty roofing, damaged guttering, or heavy foliage, all assocaiated with the outside of the property and found on exteranal walls.

At KC Damp Proofing, we have a wealth of damp experience and can quicly help identify whether your penetrating damp issues are due to these factors and provide a comprehensive solution for you.



Poor ventilation & high humidity, amongst other factors, can cause condensation. This sually results in unsightly black mould growth, accompanied by a musty damp smell.

Condensation thrives in properties with poor vetitation. This often results in unhealthy living conditions.

Condensation is usually found around windows, in bathrooms and rooms where the ventialtion is generally poor.


At KC Damp Proofing we can swiftly identify the cause of your damp problems, and confidently provide certified solutions to eradicate them.

We cover all areas of rising damp and penetrating damp. We also repair flood and water damage.

The longer you leave damp problems, the more affected they become, causing more damage to your propery and increasing the risk to health, not to mention the costs associated with long-term property damage.

Don't let this happen to you. Contact KC Damp Proofing today for your FREE estimate & advice and Damp Proofing survey.